Bonnies Best Bites LLC

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We make so many different items that it would be impossible for us to list them all. Here is but a       sample of what we are famous for:     
Custom Designed Fondant, Buttercream  and                     Whipped Cream Cakes 
    Butter Pecan Tartlettes   Petit Fours
               White Russian Cupcakes
    PB &Jelly Cake         "Killer" Carrot Cake  
Triple Chocolate Loaf Cake      Whoopie Pies
Banana Chocolate Chip Bread     Cake Pops
&Jelly Cookies    Assorted Cheesecakes
         Pina Colada Cookies and Cupcakes
            Real Homemade Rugulach
           Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Bread
       100% Edible Business Card Cookies       
ssorted Fruit Pies     Sugar-Free Desserts

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We are proud to announce that Bonnie's Best Bites was awarded the  HIGHEST SCORE POSSIBLE  for quality and cleanliness by the Florida Department of Agriculture. You can be sure that we live by our motto: "Nothing but the best."
Please call us at 561-704-1528 or use the contact form on page 5. Thanks for stopping by!

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